Sunday, September 13, 2009

HiGOAT : the favorite drink!

Mmmmm......., HiGOAT!

1.Most convenient to breast milk (the best in the world after drinking breast milk).

2.Prophets drinking milk goats and sheep defend (or defend drinking goat milk is the sunnah). 3.No infected sheep mad (mad cow disease that is ...).

4.Less infected than the nails and mouth cattle.

5.Sheep have a strong body defense system.

6.Nanny son 2 times a year, 1 to 4 tails than cattle and only once a year.

7.Cattle have only one soul mate once a year compared goat, every day.

8.Goat milk more easily digested.

9.Requires only 20 minutes compared to milk cattle requires 2 hours.

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